Kazuko Tadano, who is popular worldwide as an animation director for the "Sailor Moon" series,
designs those characters.

It's better to eat snacks with everyone!

Spiritual word: Love
Symbolic season: Spring
Favorite color: Cherry-blossom color
Possessed spirit: Takuhatachijihime
Height: 129cm (4 ft 3 in)
Body weight: 28kg (62 lb)

A bright and energetic 9-year-old girl. Her hobbies are sewing and weaving, and she likes to make various clothes. She decides to "go to Tokyo", relying on the only clue to find her farewell mother.

I decide my battlefield myself. With the soul, not the blood ... Well, let's go to Akihabara!

Spiritual word: Fire
Symbolic season: Summer
Favorite color: Scarlet
Possessed spirit: Okitsuhime
Height: 145cm (4 ft 9 in)
Body weight: 43kg (95 lb)

A warrior girl who is good at martial arts. She is a childhood friend of Misato. She is very nearsighted and wears glasses. When she takes off her glasses, no one can't stop her because she can't see the other person and hits them no matter who they are.
She is the bloodline of the head of her hometown's Oniwaban (undercover agents), but is excluded because she is a woman, and decided to go to Tokyo, where her brothers are, to file a direct complaint. Since she is unrelenting about everything, she sometimes stick to people who she care about ...

I won't change my words ... because that's the way I believe.

Spiritual word: Water
Symbolic season: Winter
Favorite color: Dayflower color
Possessed spirit: Ototachibanahime
Height: 133cm (4 ft 4 in)
Body weight: 34kg (75 lb)

She is Misato's childhood friend and the daughter of the chief of the neighboring town, "Town of Water". She receives the grace of Water spiritual word, and is the most talented at school.
She has a fiancée decided for her parent's politics, but she becomes rebellious because of her hope of becoming a merchant. She decides to "run away from home" and takes Misato's plan to go to Tokyo, the center of the economy. She is good at abacus and has a lot of other knowledge.